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About Us

More than just a job … an art to living.

Welcome into a world of authenticity and originality.

Moroccan rugs,moroccan leather poufs and more of handicrafts products; We are pleased to present you with an incredible collection of authentic, handmade, and birthright quality Moroccan products, Made specifically for your preferences and responsibly made by particular craftspeople in high atlas mountains with whom we have long-standing connections. 

Our objective is to bring Moroccan handicrafts to a wider audience, and our dedication is to you – our clients, You are assisting in the support of generations of artists and crafters who have been selling their items in local souks for decades. Each item, from our gorgeous poofs to our handmade rugs, has been personally picked for one-of-a-kindness, authenticity, and value. You too, may have a part of that rich legacy and attractive décor in your house.

In MHM we also offer our clients wholesaling and private labeling services for thoses who are looking forward to setting up their own business.

This is the Moroccan Handicraft store B To B you’ve been waiting for.

We deliver international with express shipping DHL and fedex .

Moroccan rugs and handicraft Wholesales Services

A conscious collection made entirely from food crop waste, recycled cotton, other more sustainable materials.

Do you want to start a business? You seek out high-quality Moroccan handmade products, but you can’t find the quality wanted with a flexible margin of personalization.

You’ve landed in the right place. Basically, all of our products are ethically handmade in Morocco: Moroccan rugs, Moroccan poufs, and more where artisans live and create, so to bring you the most appealing products at reasonable prices, we only work with the most skilled craftspeople. Thus MHM will work with you to find the right pieces for your store.

Why use our wholesale program?

  • Quick shipping
  • All of our handmade products are unique and masterfully crafted.
  • Proper price.
  • By buying our products you help women in the high atlas mountains to keep their business
  • Various types of products are available in our marketplace, to set up your business.

Moroccan Handicraft Private Labeling Services

A conscious collection made entirely from food crop waste, recycled cotton, other more sustainable materials.

Do You Want Your Own Brand Label!
In addition to producing our own branded products, MHM provides you with private labeling and custom formulating services to develop your own business, by having our products under your brand name.

Moroccan handmade Market can help you create a product collection with your label to your specifications
Not just that, we will help you take your private labeled products to a whole new level, by having a magnificent team in the branding department that can team up with you to establish your own label product which will help you reach your target

Why Moroccan Handmade Market for private labeling?
  • Web agency which can help you to build a high quality brand.
  • We are real artisans and our products are 100% Handmade.
  • 100% cooperatively with mother nature.
  • The clients can put forward their marketing ideas.
  • MHM offers the premium quality that exists,
  • Most affordable prices in the whole market.

Top Month Sellers

A conscious collection made entirely from food crop waste, recycled cotton, other more sustainable materials.

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