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Luxury Handmade Moroccan Products

Best collection of Moroccan ottoman leather poufs, Raffia baskets, Moroccan designed pillows, Babouchs and candles.

Moroccan ottoman leather poufs

Why Moroccan Handmade Market ?

Welcome to Moroccan handmade market! Your number one source for handcrafted goods. We’re dedicated to providing you the best of handmade products.

Moroccan Poufs

Moroccan Poufs

This authentic natural leather is sewn together and hand embroidered with exquisite workmanship on the top of our leather poufs and ottomans.

Moroccan pillows

Moroccan pillows

Our one of a kind Berber pillows feature intricate tribal patterns and antique linens that were hand-sewn by Berber women in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.

raffia bag

raffia bag

Our Raffia bags are handcrafted by women using high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship finished with vegan leather top handles and an embossed pocket.

Our Products

Give your home an exceptional decorative touch with our range of handmade leather poufs and footstools. Your Moroccan handmade products are available in a range of natural or colored tones, you are sure to find the authentic Moroccan handmade products in our selection to complement your home.

Moroccan Handmade products

High quality products

Our products are known for their high quality, which has been tested by our customers.

Moroccan handmade products Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

Regardless of where you live. Every day, we deliver to hundreds of clients all around the world.

Moroccan handmade products 100% naturel

Products 100% natural

In Moroccan handmade Market, we seek to get the best of our nature  without harming it.

All in one! Wholesale and customized products services

Our market offer you the service to purchase your items in wholesale, as well as create your own customized products with your own label and logo. Get the most out of our handcrafted items!

handmade Wholesale service

In Moroccan handmade market we provide you with the service to order our Moroccan handicrafts products wholesale instead of just one item. This service allows you to buy our products and sell them as your own in order to expand your business.

Moroccan handmade products Wholesale services
Moroccan handmade products Private labeling

Private labeling service

With our Private Labeling service, You are offered to purchase any of our products and customize them as you wish with your own label and logo. This service permits you to sell your own handmade products and amplify your market with all confidence.

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Moroccan handmade products

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Moroccan handmade products Worldwide shipping
Moroccan handmade products Worldwide shipping
Moroccan handmade products Worldwide shipping
Moroccan handmade products Worldwide shipping
Moroccan handmade products Worldwide shipping
Moroccan handmade products Worldwide shipping
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