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how to clean the traditional Moroccan rugs for the living room easily ?

traditional Moroccan rugs for living room

Clean the traditional Moroccan rugs:

the traditional Moroccan rugs for the living room


In order to keep the traditional Moroccan rugs clean, it should be vacuumed once a week or every two weeks. For high-traffic areas, consider vacuuming frequently, up to twice a day. To keep the rug smelling fresh, try sprinkling a little baking soda on the surface before vacuuming to neutralize odors.
Make sure not to use the beater applicator (this is especially important when cleaning curly hair rugs!) and lower the airflow setting to avoid damaging the rug fibers and extending its life.

And as an extra tip, rugs are not always worn evenly. There are likely parts of your rug where there is more traffic than others, especially if it partially extends under the furniture. It could also be that the layout of your window means that sunlight is shining on one section more than the other, resulting in unsightly faint spots. To avoid these potential problems, simply get in the habit of rotating your rug 180 degrees approximately every 6 months until you wear it and have a new and different décor in the room.

We also know that with the passage of time and the accumulation of traffic on the carpets, in addition to liquid spills, all of this leads to the dirtiness of the carpets, and it is not enough to clean them with a vacuum cleaner, because you will not get the satisfactory result.We will provide you with the important and basic steps that will make the cleaning process successful, which are as follows:

     1-Tools and supplies:

Cleaning traditional Moroccan carpets does not require many complicated requirements, they are simple tools that you can get from Amazon


  • Carpet shampoo
  • Soft bristle brush (so that the carpet does not become rough)
  • Water
      2-Cleaning method:

First, we start by vacuuming the dirt on the rug and making sure that all the debris on the rug is gone, then mix your detergent with a little water to get a foam (follow the instructions for the detergent or shampoo) and then pour the mixture all over the carpet and before that make sure that the detergent does not cause a flow Colors.
Test the solution on a small corner of the traditional Moroccan rugs to ensure the stability of the colors. If the color does not bleed, move to the automatic stage safely.

clean the traditional moroccan rugs

     3-wash the traditional Moroccan rugs:

Using a soft-bristled brush, and after applying the solution to the rug, we leave it for five minutes and scrub or scrub to remove dirt.

Note: Carpet cleaning is an easy thing that you can do easily and you do not need to hire carpet cleaners to do the job or go to only places that specialize in carpet cleaning.

    4-Rinse and remove excess water:

At this stage, we will need a large amount of water in order to suction the shampoo from the rug. You can use the hose so that the process is done easily, and then suck the water in the direction of the nap in order to get rid of as much water as possible.

traditional moroccan rug

     5-How will the rug dry?

The next and last step After cleaning the rug, we will lay it flat and leave the upper part to dry completely, then turn it over to let the lower side dry as well.

Note: Make sure that the rug is completely dry before returning it to the room so that there is no smell or something like this, in addition to being careful not to let it dry in the hot sun for a long time so that the color of the carpet does not fade.

traditional moroccan rugs

Yes, you can actually send your rugs to be cleaned by professionals, but they are not cheap so you can do the same yourself and in your home and you will have peace of mind knowing the types of detergents you used yourself to clean your carpets Important knowledge for many, especially those who have young children or


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