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How to fluff Moroccan pillows and cushions

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The necessity of fluffing Moroccan pillows : 

Using the right pillow increases the chances of waking up with vitality and energy, feeling surprised and refreshed every morning, instead of stiffness and pain. A comfortable and pure pillow is part of enjoying a sound sleep. When you sleep on a pillow with a suitable height, loft, and overall durability and feel your basic sleeping position, you get rid of any pressure on your head, neck, and spine.

Fluffy pillows help keep the neck aligned with the way the spine curves in a side sleeping position. But it is important not to get a pillow too fluffy. And avoid pillows that extend the head high and hold the neck in an unnatural position for long periods.

It is important to fluff the pillows every morning to prevent them from deforming or clumping. Push the sides of the pillow from opposite ends and do this from the top and bottom, pushing the filling or down to the middle of the pillow.

The different ways to fluff Moroccan pillows :

You may not have known it till this moment, there’s over a technique the way to fluff the Moroccan pillows!
There are unit 3 nice ways in which to stay your pillow fluffy and clean
So get those pillows handy, and acquire able to learn not solely the way to properly fluff that pillow of yours but additionally why you would like to fluff it (and keep it clean!) within the initial place.

1. Fluff your Moroccan pillows by hand.

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Grab your pillow and place it on your lap. currently act as if you’re enjoying the accordion and push the pillow in and out. try this on each of the short and long sides of the pillow.

This breaks up any items within the pillow and permits air to enter and increase the pillow’s loft

2. Fluff Your Pillow In The Dryer :

fluff pillow in drey

Give your  Moroccan pillows daily fluffing to restore their shape and remove dust. Then, every month or so, hang them outdoors on a clothesline for a few hours, ideally on a bright, breezy day. If that’s not an option, run them through the dryer on the no-heat cycle.

You can put your Moroccan pillows in the dryer once a month, put a tennis ball at the end and throw them in the dryer for a few minutes; The tennis ball will bounce around inside the dryer and press against your pillow, breaking up any pieces inside and increasing the fluff factor of your pillow the pillow will be fluffy perfect for sleeping.

3. Fluff your pillow naturally outside (via fresh air!) :

pillows, fluffing pillows in fresh air/ Moroccan pillows

After regular use, pillows tend to trap moisture, which can cause lumping and unpleasant odors. Leaving your Moroccan pillows in a sunny spot outside helps them regain some fluffiness.

The sun evaporates moisture left in your pillow and helps the fibers in the pillow’s fill separate from each other. Not only does laying your Moroccan pillows out in the sun help your pillow regain its fluffiness, but it also eliminates stale odors.

Before leaving your pillow outside, be sure it’s not humid, as the humidity moistens your pillow instead of fluffing it.



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