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Moroccan wedding blanket ( Handira )

Moroccan wedding blanket

Moroccan wedding blanket:

Moroccan wedding blanket

All those people who are looking to beautify their home have a great option in the form of a Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow. Many designers and fashion houses have refashioned the gorgeous traditional craft and have relaunched this unique art in front of the whole world. The art has roots back in Moroccan tradition and in the region of the Middle Atlas Mountains, the wedding blanket was used to be worn by brides on the day of the wedding; on the way to her husband’s home. The world also knows the Moroccan wedding blanket as “Handira” and people from all over the world adore this beautiful handmade art.

Handira is drawing the attention of people from all over the world nowadays. These are very good-looking blankets which in reality are the capes worn by a bride (Berber) on the day of her wedding. The relatives of the bride make it with their hands and to make a Handira, many weeks are consumed. A bride wears them lengthways and it is attached around the shoulders with two ties. The two ties might still be attached to your wedding blanket.


Moroccan wedding blanket

Traditionally, these Moroccan wedding blankets are known as Tamizart and Handira in some places. Most of them use to have patterned bands, with sequins and talismanic symbols. It is believed that sequins keep away evil spirits. Originally, these blankets were very time-consuming and people used to start making one when their daughter was young. This way the beautiful blanket was completed till the time of her wedding and was also used as a part of her dowry.

The roots are attached to ancient times and the existence of Handira is from the Imazighen or Berbers (their real names) and these are prepared with cotton or wool. Classically they are equipped with fluffy fringes which run through them and they are beautified with traditional Kilim fabric and many sequins. The reason behind these attachments is the belief that they bring good luck and that evil spirits are kept away from them.

It is also believed that these blankets provide fertility to the bride. Whenever they are at the bed’s end or hung on the wall, they are amazing and are definitely a wonderful gift for a wedding. The size of vintage Handira is normally around 1 x 2 meters, but presently there are variations in size.

Moroccan wedding blanket

But with time, tradition has faded and these blankets have become more of a global attraction. People from different parts of the globe are attracted to them and have shown their desire for them. This increased the demand for them and people here started making them fulfill the orders coming from the outside world. There are some people or families who have some genuine and vintage Moroccan wedding blankets but they sell them in order to get a bigger amount in comparison to the newly made blankets. The buyers of these blankets either resale them or make Moroccan wedding blanket pillows from them.


Moroccan wedding blanket

The beautiful designs of Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow can be styled in many ways and your interiors will get an amazing and unique look. Your interiors will get some bohemian chic vibes which will make them look beautiful. They also look gorgeous in a space styled according to the Scandinavian way. As these pillows are created from vintage wedding blankets, there can be some minor irregularities and some signs of age and use.

his artwork has its roots in Morocco. The word ‘Handira’ is an Arabic word and many people in Morocco are not familiar with this word. They call Moroccan wedding blankets ‘Tamizart’. Prior to a few years, these much in demand after and beautiful blankets were not as popular as today and thus were worthless. But, time has changed, and now it is not the same thing.

These are gaining global popularity and globally, a Handira of white/cream color has become very popular. It is an ethnic home décor product that is originally associated with tiny rural villages in the tribal regions of Ait Sadik and this region is known to produce vintage wedding blankets. The real and original vintage blankets are not only very rare and hard to find but also very expensive.

If one is looking for something traditional and beautiful (as this is also the trend) for his/her wedding, they can enhance their most important day of life with an amazing piece of art, Handira.




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