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The best ways to fill the Moroccan leather pouf [review]

The best ways to fill the Moroccan leather pouf [review]

How to fill your Moroccan leather pouf?

The best ways to fill the Moroccan poufThe best ways to fill the Moroccan pouf

The question we get asked the most often is: “How do I fill my Moroccan Pouf “?

For those who don’t know how to fill the pouf, there is a zipper at the bottom of it that makes you fill it easily because shipping a pillow with the filling will cost you a fortune to keep our prices we will guide you on easy ways to fill your pillow with ease

1-Fill your Moroccan leather pouf with polyester stuffing :

Polyester stuffing is one of the easiest and most common ways to fill the pouf well, it will not make it stiff and you can sit comfortably.
Polyester can be found in fabric stores. Use the filler and enjoy a comfortable and soft sitting on the Moroccan handmade market pouf, or use it as a decorative element in your home or to kick your feet. It gives a beautiful look and is 100% traditional

Note: Although this method is a little expensive, it gives the desired look, with a well-filled and comfortable pouf, as shown in the pictures.

The best ways to fill the Moroccan pouf


 2-Fill your Moroccan leather pouf with unused clothing and textiles you can find around your home.

Fill your Moroccan chair with old clothes or unusable textiles ( Old jeans that you no longer wear Blouses/Old baby clothes/Pillows you no longer use/Bath towels you no longer use)
This method is adopted by many because it is inexpensive, although it takes a little effort to find enough items to fill your seat completely, in addition to that, you will enrich these textiles in your home and not elsewhere, in addition, you will feel satisfied and satisfied that you will give new life to things that you were not using.
If you are going to use the pouf as a low seating seat, this is the most appropriate way. These textiles will make your seat firm to sit on.

The best ways to fill the Moroccan pouf


3-Fill your Moroccan pouf using Moroccan handmade pillows 

Our favorite pillows of all time are Moroccan handmade market pillows inserts filled with duck feathers. They are super cozy and plump and the price/quality ratio is spot on.

You will see that we left this method as the last because it is the most expensive of the above methods, the décor. It needs to think a lot because it will make the pouf look elegant and beautiful and give a classy decorative touch to your home. You can get this pillow from our online store MOROCCAN HANDMADE MARKET, full body pillows, and the price + excellent quality ratio
Make sure to buy pads that are filled with feathers and not filled with polyester, because the latter will not work for this purpose.

The best ways to fill the Moroccan pouf


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