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Handmade Moroccan mug:

Handmade Moroccan mug/blue and white Moroccan mug

handmade and hand-painted, with high-quality ceramics.

A wonderfully unique piece of North African décor, the Handmade Moroccan mug, Dress up your kitchen or dining room with some bohemian flair with the bold colors and flowing lines of this plate

Handmade Moroccan mug, Hand-painted in Morocco
You know when you love a mug so much you can only drink your coffee or tea in that specific one? These handmade ceramic mugs have us going crazy for our mugs. We are SO in love with these hand-painted patterns! they are pretty big (11 cm high) and they are just perfect for coffee or tea lovers like we are.

We love to mix and match, go ahead and buy one of each color, they look absolutely beautiful together.

delicately handmade and hand painted by a skilled master artisan in the traditional blue color and ancient design of Marrakech.

Handmade Moroccan mug/blue & white Moroccan mug

A unique piece of Moroccan drinkware, a wonderful centerpiece for your table.

This set of Moroccan Ceramic Cups is a fantastic addition to your tableware collection and can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Handmade and handpainted by master artisans in Marrakech, you can use them as stand-alone pieces or mix and match them with other colors and patterns from our cup collection.

Ceramic and terracotta cups were designed and painted entirely by hand by skilled Moroccan craftsmen from the city of marrakech in southern Morocco.

Due to the fact that this product is made by hand, it is possible to notice imperfections and irregularities, but it is precisely this that gives it this original and unique side.

Note: the pieces are made by hand, in a completely artisanal way. This makes pottery unique, small differences from photos are potential1 to be expected.


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Handmade Moroccan mug/blue & white Moroccan mug
Handmade Moroccan mug/blue and white Moroccan mug
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