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Moroccan babouche slippers:

Moroccan babouche slippers /Yellow babouche /Handmade leather babouches

We make Moroccan babouche slippers, for many years, in our plant in Marrakesh. Because we are also a merchant, and wholesaler, for our brand of Moroccan leather slippers for sale, we demand the best of leather, with the best treatment process for those Moroccan leather slippers, to guarantee the best babouches on the market.

When you buy a pair of Moroccan babouche slippers at Babouche-Maroc, you are assured to get the highest quality and durability. We propose a large range of babouches slippers and Moroccan shoes, for women, men and kids, rounded, pointed, leather, suede or fur, you are sure to find your happiness here.
Why our Moroccan leather slippers are unique?
Unlike many other stores that sell Moroccan babouches “for tourists”, our Moroccan leather babouches are guaranteed no smell and are made exclusively by our craftsmen, for our stores only. Babouche-Maroc is the unique Moroccan leather slippers store with the widest choice of models and colors, but also the largest choice of sizes, from the too small to the too large

All used materials are the first choice for those Moroccan babouche slippers we sell, with no compromises on quality, and of course at a fair price.

Moroccan babouche slippers /Yellow babouche /Handmade leather babouches

Our babouches are made using soft supple organic sheep leather which has been processed naturally without the use of nasty chemicals such as chromium. The leather is hand-dyed in our bespoke range of colors. Our babouche maker then cuts the leather and handmakes the babouche with a skill passed down from generation to generation, keeping the traditional artisanal craft alive.

Made using hand-dyed leather with traditional techniques, these slippers are very soft and super comfortable to wear.

As these babouches are handmade they may have some imperfections making them imperfectly perfect!

Discover the collection of leather sandals, slippers, and ballet ballerinas from Babouche Maroc. All models of Moroccan low-heel and high-heel slippers, slip-on, and wedge sandals are made by hand, from genuine leather even in the outsole. The design for summer combines lightness and comfort, for the greatest well-being of the feet. We take great care in the choice of colors and materials for the making of these Moroccan slippers and sandals so that they last a long time. Dear Customer, you like Moroccan babouche slippers and have been letting us know that for years, by eagerly buying our Moroccan slippers and sandals.

Moroccan babouche slippers /Yellow babouche /Handmade leather babouches

For this, we thank you, and each year offer new models of slippers, rich in color (you will find a large range of tones, from the most common like beige, black and brown, to the most improbable like turquoise, Fuschia, and metallic leather colors), but always affordable. We strive to improve the comfort and lightness that Moroccan babouche slippers give you every day, by inventing new slippers models, from the low-healed to the high-heeled. For those who don’t like heels, we propose ankle strap Berber slippers, flat slippers, or lace-up slippers with either pointed or round toes. We listen to you, your suggestions help us move forward. This year, we have created unique models of Moroccan slippers and sandals, you will wear them and never want to take them off because they are so comfortable.


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Moroccan babouche slippers /Yellow babouche /Handmade leather babouches
Moroccan babouche slippers Yellow babouche
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