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Moroccan Berber rug:

Moroccan Berber rug / Handmade rug /Blue & white Berber rugs

The Moroccan Berber rugs are among the most prestigious modernist and folk art rugs in the world. Woven from luxurious hand-spun wool, Berber rugs feature bold designs and incomparable textures.

the rugs in Morocco are used for more than just floor coverings throughout the mountainous region of western North Africa. They are created for practical purposes for use in homes and tents, warmth in cold elements, as a tradition passed down for generations, and storytelling.

the Authentic Handmade Moroccan Berber rug, The colors interact in the amazing orderly yet random patterns that fill every space of this unique Berber rug. Intricate Berber fertility symbols mingle with eye protection A beautifully styled rug

Moroccan Berber rug / Handmade rug /Blue & white Berber rugs

This Moroccan Berber rug is 100% handmade. It is woven with ancestral techniques, thanks to a knowledge that extends over several generations, The wool of our rugs comes only from the Middle Atlas region. The natural environment and the climate of the region in which the sheep are bred allow for obtaining silky and high-quality wool. A pure pleasure for your life

the Moroccan Berber rugs are the best on the market. We ensure the use of high-quality wool and natural pigments at each stage of the production process.

What is special about Berber rugs in Morocco?

They’re made using old fabric that is knotted – the Moroccan rag rug! These rugs are often quite heavy given all the fabric that goes into them but are typically easier to wash without fears of color bleed or ruining the wool.

Moroccan Berber rug / Handmade rug /Blue & white Berber rugs

It was built off an original Moroccan design, It has taken years to get here, and a lot of sweat and tears, but to source pieces like this is well worth it. I cannot wait to see where this rug lands in its forever home. This rug will add a lot of charm to any room or office. It’s soft, warm, and perfect for cozy chilly evenings. It has a unique pattern and fits nicely in most spaces.

The handmade models are weaved and knotted. It represents a unique style because it combines all the arts of weaving: it is weaved, knotted, and embroidered. The Berbers stretch threads at each side, double them up, and then knot them together to create a bag for their trip. The wool color is natural.


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Moroccan Berber rug / Handmade rug /Blue & white Berber rugs
Moroccan Berber rug / Handmade rug /Blue & white Berber rugs
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