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Moroccan Handira :

Handira Pillow was made of ancient and well-preserved handmade techniques from Berbers living in Morocco, Each Handira pillow has its own history and is handmade separately with love.
Handmade & Hand-woven by our skilled Berber artisans in our workshop, We use high-quality material so we can offer our customers the best!
Moroccan Handira Wedding cushions are the perfect choice for any kind of indoor-outdoor home décor, they add to your interior a stunningly unique and charming Bohemian, Moroccan touch. starting as a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket which is then carefully re-constructed by local artisans into one-of-a-kind pillows. The embroidered metal sequins and intricate tribal designs add a feeling of bohemian luxury to any space. Pillows come unstuffed.

Note: the stuffing is not included due to shipping costs and practicality. Only the pouf cover will be shipped.


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Moroccan Handira/cushion cover/Berber wedding cushion
Moroccan Handira Blue /cushion cover/Berber wedding cushion
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