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Moroccan iron lantern:

Moroccan iron lantern traditional lamps for your homeMoroccan iron lantern, special for candles. This classic Moroccan lantern is designed to illuminate our gardens or patios at home, creating surprising mosaics of light and shadows around it. Let yourself be amazed by Andalusian geometry by placing this Moorish lantern in a corner or nook. The Moroccan lantern includes a removable screw-top trim for easy transport. The product is black. In Alcazaba Decoration, we have a large collection of iron lanterns for candles and Moroccan wrought iron lanterns.

Moroccan iron lantern handmade and ethical beauty – this lantern will stand out anywhere!
This gorgeous little mini Moroccan-style lantern is reminiscent of exploring maze-like medinas and drinking tea with Berbers.

On its own or mixed and matched with some of our other Moroccan lanterns – don’t pass up the opportunity to own this stunning piece of work.

Handmade in a small workshop in morocco, these Moroccan-style glass tea light holders come in rich and lustrous colors that catch the eye and instantly add atmosphere to any room. Each lantern is assembled by hand by skilled artisans who often pass on their skills from generation to generation.

Moroccan iron lantern traditional lamps for your home

Our lovely handmade Large Moroccan iron lanterns are handmade by one of our fair trade producers, based in the exotic medina of Marrakesh, on the edge of the great Sahara Desert.
Our lanterns are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and bring the magic of Marrakesh to your living room or create a magical Moroccan garden. They look great with a large church candle or similar. The cut-out shapes throw out some great shadows.
They are made from hand-cut and hand-beaten metal which is welded together and then painted black.

Moroccan iron lantern traditional lamps for your home

Note: The moroccan iron lantern will get hot when used, so please handle them with care. Naked flames should not be left unattended so please extinguish the flame after use.
The lanterns have metal feet so in normal use, they can be used on any base. We recommend that if you use the lanterns outside you bring them back inside after use after they have cooled down. If they are left outside for a prolonged period of time they will go rusty.


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Moroccan iron lantern traditional lamps for your home
Moroccan iron lantern traditional lamps for your home
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