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Moroccan pillow covers

Handmade moroccan pink pillow /moroccan pillow covers

These beautiful Moroccan pillow covers give a special touch to your bedroom and house, The intensity of color or cotton and fiber under the name of Silk of Sabra, as silk plant from as cacti in the Saharan desert.
Each blanket is handmade by our craftsmen and colored with natural plant dyes, They are decorated in bright colors with glitter and symbolic and fabulous patterns, and the motifs on the pillow cover reflect traditional symbols used by tribal women from Morocco Atlas Mountains.
The pillow is new and carefully hand-inspected for quality prior to shipping
Dry clean only, avoid contact with water/liquids,, and do not spot clean

These Moroccan pillow covers add instant interest and texture. Each one is hand adorned with different patterns and markings in complementary accent colors. Faded patches and stray threads are not flaws but only add to the handmade authenticity. These pillow covers bring an air of casual sophistication to your space. They may even have your guests asking about all of your cultural travels! We recommend a 20” pillow insert, available but sold separately. (scroll down for insert options).

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creation process:

The process of their creation is a fascinating one: the spiky leaves from sustainable Saharan agave cactus are harvested, hammered, and then soaked to release fibers. The fibers are then hand spun using traditional processes to make cactus silk. The silk is then combined with camel wool and handwoven on a loom to make cactus silk rugs that in turn are made into these vintage Moroccan Berber cushions. Colors are produced using natural vegetable and botanical dyes, so each one is chemical free

Each Moroccan pillow cover is unique and has been lovingly handmade in Morocco by talented artisans. To create these Moroccan pillow covers, the leaves from the Saharan agave cactus are harvested, hammered, and then soaked to release the fibers. Next, these fibers are hand spun using traditional techniques to make cactus silk. Vegetable dyes are utilized to create vibrant colors, making this product 100% natural. The silk is then combined with camel wool and handwoven on a loom to create cactus silk rugs. These are then turned into beautiful Moroccan pillow covers.

Colour: We have various shades and patterns of yellow available – scroll through our options to select your favorite cushion cover

Care: This Moroccan pillow cover is dry clean only. The natural dye and handwoven nature mean that this is a delicate product and should be treated with care. Chemicals and spot cleaning may cause the natural plant dyes to run/transfer and/or alter the color. We recommend using a protective fabric spray before use.

Materials: Saharan agave cactus silk, camel wool, and vegetable dyes.

Features: Unique designs, hidden zipper

Note: the stuffing is not included due to shipping costs and practicality. Only the pouf cover will be shipped.

Note: As each pillow has been individually hand-woven and hand-dyed, there will be natural, minor variations in size, tone, and braided color from the image shown.



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Handmade moroccan pink pillow /moroccan pillow covers
Handmade Moroccan Pink Pillows /Moroccan pillow covers
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