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Moroccan pottery plates:



handmade and hand-painted, Three deferential plate sizes, of high-quality ceramics.

A wonderfully unique piece of North African décor, Moroccan plates aren’t just great for cooking and eating. Dress up your kitchen or dining room with some bohemian flair with the bold colors and flowing lines of this plate

This beautiful Moroccan pottery plates with traditional Moroccan designs is handmade and handpainted in Safi, Morocco, by a master artisan. The small size is ideal for use as a side plate for bread or a small salad, while the larger size can be used as a standard dinner plate.

does not stop offering you the tope of Moroccan ceramics made exclusively in said
Enjoy a dinner whose motto is elegance and luxury
with handmade and hand-painted plates of the famous Safi pottery


thanks to our know-how and our requirement for quality and finish. the result is this magnificent work of art.

All our products are cooked twice which allows them to be put in the dishwasher, also in the microwave

The raw material is kaolin (white ceramics).

Note: the pieces are made by hand, in a completely artisanal way. This makes pottery unique, small differences from photos are potential1 to be expected.



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Moroccan pottery plates/Moroccan handmade pottery /colorful plate
Moroccan pottery plates/Moroccan handmade pottery /colorful plate
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