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Moroccan shopping basket:

This basket-shaped tote will be your must-have and will follow you everywhere: at the beach, at the market, during a shopping spree, at a picnic, or at work, Our Basket bags are made with 100% natural materials such as palm leaves, Raffia, Rush, Corn, Jute is handwoven in Marrakesh from straw, creating a beautiful herringbone texture of sturdy natural fibers.

The French basket is ideal for carrying groceries, laundry, and other daily essentials, Flat leather handles with interior leather reinforcement for foolproof strength! Moroccan tote bag braided in a palm tree in the Berber tradition.

The handles are sewn, which makes the finish more beautiful than a rivet and also much more solid.

Note:  you can choose the basket more suited to the situation:

small basket for work , the medium for everyday shopping, and the large basket for the beach




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Moroccan shopping basket/straw basket /beach bag
Moroccan shopping basket/straw basket /beach bag
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