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Moroccan tagine :

These stunning serving tagines are handmade in Morocco in the traditional fashion by master potters, inspired by classic Moorish traditions and local materials. Ethically sourced and shipped to your door.

Moroccans use serving tagines to present their finished dishes on tables. This tagine is thick and substantial, allowing the food to stay warm throughout your meal. It is fully glazed to prevent staining and any flavor transfer. Can also be used to freeze food for meal prep or to serve chilled dishes.

A wonderfully unique piece of North African décor, Moroccan tagines aren’t just great for cooking and eating. Dress up your kitchen or dining room with some bohemian flair with the bold colors and flowing lines of this tagine.

Note: the pieces are made by hand, in a completely artisanal way. This makes pottery unique, small differences from photos are potential1 to be expected.


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Moroccan tagine/Moroccan handmade pottery /pottery artisanat
Moroccan tagine/Moroccan handmade pottery /Yellow tagine
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