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Moroccan wooden stool:

Moroccan wooden stool/Small natural Moroccan stool

Handmade  Moroccan wooden stool for decorating a living room, a children’s room, or a bathroom. Handmade by our artisans, each copy is unique. They consist of lemon wood and palm leaf rope. A stool that will illuminate your Moroccan-inspired decoration.

For boucherouite stools (white or multicolored) the seat is made with rope surrounded by cotton, They will be perfect in the bedroom of your little ones, in the living room around a coffee table, or in your room for decoration.

Moroccan wooden stool in laurel wood sitting in traditional leather is essential for a chic boho decoration.
Entirely handmade in laurel wood by our artisans in Marrakech
Install the kitchen, the living room, or on a terrace.

Handicrafts, slight variations in color and size may occur. Each piece is unique.
The stool can be placed outside and covered.
Size or specific color on request.

Moroccan wooden stool/Small natural Moroccan stool

The craftsmanship is intended to be of quality for a successful and time-tested rendering. Its structure is made of eucalyptus wood and the seat is made of braided palm leaves. The stool has a total height of 105 cm. Seat height is available in 70 cm and 80 cm. The seat wants comfortable with a size of 35×35 cm. Dimensions can be customized upon request.

a beautiful piece that will easily find its place in your home. Very practical, this high stool is to be positioned around a worktop or in front of a bar, it will blend perfectly into your decoration.

Note: each piece is unique for colored Boucher cites so the colors may differ. Do not hesitate to write to us to choose them in photos.


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Moroccan wooden stool/Small natural Moroccan stool
Moroccan wooden stool/Small natural Moroccan stool
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