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Moroccan straw rugs:

moroccan straw rugs

The Moroccan straw rug “Hssira” is the traditional mat used throughout Morocco as a floor covering of rural houses and which also decorates the floors and walls of mosques and zamias. Themoroccan straw rugs is made of palm leaves and then embroidered with colored wool. Our mats are made of recycled plastic and will be perfect on your terraces, in your kitchen, or bathroom.
They will also be very convenient for use on a picnic tablecloth or the beach, Very convenient maintenance: a water cleaning is more than enough.

A traditional Moroccan straw rug Hassira has a complex history. It involves many generations of artisans who each create their unique style with their indigenous materials. The Moroccan straw rugs are just one type of many belonging to this vast collection (Moroccan rug), it is famous for its bright colors and geometric designs which blend perfectly to create a stunning effect. The word “Hssira” literally means “wildflower”, but the term is used to describe the intricate weaving patterns blended with the natural color.

moroccan straw rugs

Moroccan straw rug “Hssira”  is the most unique and authentic rug made for people who appreciate old traditional artwork. This stunning piece is often made of high-quality natural wool by female Moroccan craftsmen at the top of the Atlas Mountains, these beautiful Moroccan straw rugs are available in a stunning design and texture and amazing classic patterns representing the traditional Moroccan heritage tangible and glory to add beauty, pleasant classic touch to the floors or corridor or room or Any contemporary spaces in your home of all kinds if you want to feel warm and welcome.

Moroccan straw rugs “Hssira” is handmade, one at a time, using natural materials. It is therefore impossible to produce identical products even though they are crafted by professionals. We believe that the natural imperfections and blemishes are what make this product charming and unique.

Product Description:

moroccan straw rugs

• Hand woven, Eco friendly, and Constructed from 100 percent quality natural jute fiber, the preferred choice of interior decorators
• Hard-wearing yet soft-to-the-touch rug suitable for use in high-traffic areas, including outdoors. The shining, silky fibers for beautiful functionality and Contemporary style
• Reversible for enhanced durability, Durable fibers protect your floor
• Easy to clean, easy to store, easy to use – No worries about sand/dirt inside or outside. Simply shake off or vacuum.





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moroccan straw rugs
Moroccan straw rugs “Hssira”
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