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Moroccan woolrug :

woolrug are made with top-grade wool taken from sheep raised and herded by the Berbers. Since each tribe prefers certain colors, Beni Ourain rugs can often be traced back to a particular tribe. Natural dyes used in coloring wool include indigo, henna and cochineal. Berber women incorporate elements into their rugs reflecting daily life experiences, such as rural scenes, religious beliefs, birth, femininity, animals and natural flora

woolrug these traditional Moroccan rug are handwoven by the Berber tribes from which the rugs get this name, the Berber people typically reside in morocco and are know for their craftsmanship this traditional Moroccan Berber rugs are available in a choice of sizes: small,mediuma and large.
our Berber rugs are 100% authentic Moroccan Berber rugs and have been hand selected for theis quality and style.This rug will add a lot of charm to any room or office. It’s soft, warm, and perfect for cozy chilly evenings. It has a unique pattern and fits nicely on most spaces.

Moroccan Berber rug is old from meddle Atlas Mountains is sheep wool 💯 and handwoven from Berber women make this design
But lovely design

This rug is available for sale

moroccan woolrug cotton rug ,our Berber rugs are 100% authentic Moroccan Berber rugs and have been hand selected for theis quality and style👌.
Aside from providing a comfortable place to rest your feet or to sit, these rugs are nothing short of works of art. The preparation and weaving techniques used to create these beautiful rugs has been passed down from generation to generation and cannot be recreated anywhere else – it’s why the design of each rug so uniquely captures the essence of Moroccan culture. Each one resembles a painting and is a stunning piece of art for the home: more than just a centrepiece.
Berber rugs in Morocco are used for more than just floor coverings throughout the mountainous region of western North Africa. They are created for practical purposes for use in homes and tents, warmth in cold elements, as a tradition passed down for generations, and for storytelling.
 Berber carpets and carpets from Morocco are part of North Africa’s famous ethnic tribe weaving. The Moroccan Berber rugs are among the most prestigious modernist and folk art rugs in the world. Woven from luxurious hand-spun wool, Berber rugs feature bold designs and incomparable textures.

Berber rug is a great investment for any home. They last a lifetime, and can be passed on for generations. Our Moroccan rug collection is hand-selected to be beautiful and affordable, perfect for any home decor.

The texture and ornament of their traditional Carpets will fill your house with Moroccan Berber flavour.

Make your space radiate a sense of warmth, energy, and coziness with one of our hand-woven Moroccan rugs. The most durable type of rug fabric, they’re made to last longer and are easier to clean than a regular carpet. With a variety of patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect rug for your home.this is one of our masterpieces! It was built off an original Moroccan design, It has taken years to get here, and a lot of sweat and tears, but to source pieces like this is well worth it.
-Our rugs ara customizable by size and color.


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gorgeous traditional woolrug Moroccan “Boucherouit”
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